FAQ : eSim not working

The time it takes for eSIM to be activated may vary depending on the mobile carrier's policy, so it may take several hours to activate even after completing the QR scan. Therefore, if the QR code does not work, we recommend that you do not delete it and wait for about an hour. If it doesn't work even after waiting, or if it doesn't work after trying all of the methods below, please contact Maltalk support team.

1.Turn on data roaming and GPS and turn airplane mode off and on. 
Data roaming is a feature that allows your device to connect to cellular networks outside your country or region. Additionally, GPS determines your current location. So, if you are traveling and cannot connect to a network, turn on data roaming and GPS will enable eSIM and enable you to use it properly.

After scanning the eSIM QR Code, go to your phone settings and turn on data roaming and GPS. In that state, turn airplane mode on and off. ESIM will be set automatically after 1-2 minutes.

2. Please check if it's a eSIM that needs to be opened
In the case of deliberation that requires the opening of esim, you must enter the opening date or contact us to request an opening data. Please check whether the eSIM requires an opening date on the eSIM details page you purchased.

3.Reset Network Settings 
Resetting the network settings can be a solution to the network issues on your Phone. Resetting it will make the device forget every Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connection, and VPN setting it has ever used.

If esim does not work, please reset the network.

  • iPhone: Settings โ†’ General โ†’ Transfer or Reset iPhone โ†’ Reset โ†’ Reset Network Setting โ€“ Enter the password (password set on your phone) then Reset Network Settings
  • Samsung: Press Settingsโ†’ Generalโ†’ Resetโ†’ Reset Network Settings.

4.Switch off your VPN 
If your device is  iPhone, connecting to a VPN can improve your online security and privacy. Using a VPN may prevent your iPhone from connecting to or accessing cellular networks.
so You might be able to fix this problem by turning off your VPN and trying to set up your eSIM once more.
If VPN is turned on, go to Settings โ†’General โ†’ VPN device management โ†’ Turn off VPN

5.Manually select a carrier
Manually select your mobile carrier if the automatically selected carrier does not work in some countries,
 select carrier manually, try changing it and check if the Internet is available after 1-2 minutes. 

  • iPhone: Settings โ†’ Cellular โ†’ Select Network โ†’ Manual Change
  • Samsung: Settingsโ†’ T-Roaming/International Roaming โ†’ Mobile Carrier โ†’ Manual Change 

6.Turn off Low Data Mode
Low Data Mode may conflict with some carriers and complicate your eSIM functionality. As a solution, I suggest you disable Low Data Mode on your deviece when encountering eSIM-related issues.

  • iPhone:  go to Settings โ†’ Select Mobile/Cellular Data โ†’ Choose Mobile Data Option โ†’ Tap Data Mode โ†’ Select anything else Low Data Mode.
  • Samsung: go to Settings โ†’Select  conneting โ†’ Choose  mobile network โ†’ Data Mode โ†’ Select anything else Low Data Mode.

7.Turn off Restrict IP Address Tracking

If your device is  iPhone, Limiting IP Address Tracking is a new feature that, in some circumstances, is enabled by default and stops your device from connecting to a cellular network.
There are chances that the eSIM provider you currently use does not support this feature. To turn off the same on your device, follow the instructions below.

Head to Settings โ†’ Choose Mobile/Cellular Data โ†’ Pick Mobile Data Options.
Toggle off Limit IP Address Tracking.