How do I install an eSIM on my Huawei device?

  • Check compatible devices.

    Not all Huawei? models are eSIM-compatible, so it is recommended to make sure your device supports eSIM before you start. To find out if your Huawei? device is compatible, please check ESIM AVAILABLE DEVICES on the product page.

  • When should I install eSIM?

    We recommend not setting up eSIM installation too early. The eSIM data plan has a limited number of service days, so if you install it early and activate it, Data billing may begin. Therefore, it is best to install it on the day of travel. In addition, with the exception of a few special eSIMs, most eSIMs provided by Maltalk are calculated based on Hong Kong time (UTC+8) It's a good idea to consider the time carefully. For example, if you have a 1-day serice days eSIM card, and you are currently in London, UK, and it is 13:00 London time, if you choose to activate immediately, the actual calculation start time is 21:00 Hong Kong time, and the actual validity period is only 3 hours.

  • How do I install eSIM on my phone?

    • β‘  Go to your phone's Settings
      β‘‘ Tap Mobile network
      β‘’ Tap SIM management
      β‘£ Tap the > icon beside SIM 2

      You can add the eSIM one of three ways:
      β‘  Scan a QR code: Scan the QR code sent by your carrier or eSIM provider and follow the step-by-step instructions to install it on your device.
      β‘‘ Scan an image: If you can't use your phone's camera (for example, if you purchased the QR code from the provider's app), save the QR code as an image. Tap Select from Gallery when you're prompted to scan the β‘’
      β‘’ QR code and select the saved image to start the installation. Enter an activation code: Tap Enter manually and follow the on-screen instructions to enter an activation code and manually install the eSIM on your device.

  • Number of eSIMs that can be installed on the Huawei?

    All Huawei phones can only have a maximum of 1 SIM installed.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maaltalk Support. We are happy to help!