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eSIM Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Maaltalk eSlM. you'll find your answer here.

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What is an eSIM?

eSIM is a data SIM that is used by scanning the QR code received by email upon purchase without using a physical USIM chip.

It operates on a microchip installed on your mobile, so you don't have to visit the carrier store in person or purchase a real USIM card and get it delivered.

As data can be used freely in countries where you travel without excessive roaming charges, eSIM usage is increasing compared to real USIM.

What is the advantage of eSIM ?

The advantages of this eSIM are as follows.

  1. There is no fear of loss or damage.
  2. It does not cause environmental pollution.
  3. Because most support dual sims, eSIM can be enabled and used without removing physical sims.
  4. You can use data at a much cheaper price than roaming.

What is Maaltalk?

Maaltalk is the world's leading eSIM store.
The first reason to use Maltok is because you can make purchases every day (24 hours a day).
Through this, you can purchase it anytime, anywhere, and use it immediately by scanning the QR code sent within 10 minutes.
The second reason is that it provides products from the best local carriers, but the prices are low and the best quality is guaranteed.
Thirdly, it is convenient to check the remaining data amount and various functions through the Maaltalk Now application.
Of course, the Maaltalk Now app is available for free.

Which device supports eSIM?

🚨Please check the available eSIM devices before ordering. Other models are not available.

How to check for available devices Enter dial screen *#06# → Available if EID value exists


iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone SE (2022)
iPhone 14
iPhone 14 Plus
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPad Pro (2018 and onwards)
iPad Air
iPad Mini (since 2019)
Watch series 3
Watch series 4
Watch series 5
Watch series 6
Watch series 7
Watch SE


Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
Galaxy Z Flip
Galaxy Z Flip 5G
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
Galaxy Z Flip4
Galaxy Z Flip5 5G
Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold 3
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
Galaxy Z Fold4
Galaxy Z Fold5 5G
Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20+ 5G
Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21+ 5G
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Galaxy S22
Galaxy S22+
Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy S23
Galaxy S23+
Galaxy S23 Ultra

Google Pixel

Pixel 3
Pixel 3a
Pixel 3a XL
Pixel 4
Pixel 4a
Pixel 4a XL
Pixel 5
Pixel 6
Pixel 6a
Pixel 6 Pro
Pixel 7
Pixel 7 Pro
Pixel Fold


Mate 40 Pro
P50 Pro(via Cell Phone Cases)
P40 Pro (not including the P40 Pro +)


Razr 2019
Razr 5G
Razr 2023
Razr 40
Razr 40 Ultra
Razr +
Edge 40 Pro
G52J 5G
G52J 5G ll
G53J 5G

Nuu Mobile


Planet Computers

Gemini PDA

Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mini
Hand 5G


Find X3 Pro
Reno 5 A
Reno6 Pro 5G
Find X5
Find X5 Pro
Find N2 Flip
A55s 5G
Reno 6 Pro 5G


Xperia 10 III Lite
Xperia 10 IV
Xperia 10 V
Xperia 1 IV
Xperia 1 V
Xperia 5 IV
Xperia Ace III


Magic 4 Pro
Magic 5 Pro


12T Pro
13 (Global Version)
13 Pro (Global Version)
13 Lite (Global Version)


Aquos Sense6s
Aquos sense 7
Aquos sense 7plus
Aquos Wish
Aquos Wish 2 SHG08
Aquos Wish 3
Aquos Sense4 lite
Aquos zero 6
Simple Sumaho6
Aquos R7
Aquos R8
Aquos R8 Pro








Blade 3
Explorer PRO
Blade 5G



How can I get maaltalk eSIM?

1. Log in to Maaltalk website
2. Search and select the country you want to travel to.
3. Select the date of use and the data capacity package.
4. On the page, select Purchase.
5. Select the payment method.
6. Complete your purchase.
7. You will receive an email with a QR code within 10 minutes.
8. Scan the QR code displayed in the email and use it.

When do I install my eSIM?

You can install your eSIM anytime, because The eSIM will only get activated when it connects to the supported network.
but Maaltalk recommends installing eSIM in areas with Wi-Fi in the country where you want to use it.
once eSIM is installed on your phone through a QR scan, it will be available immediately. and Validity days begin once the eSIM activates.

[Samsung ] QR code cannot be scanned. Is there another way to install eSIM?

1. Go to Settings > Connections > SIM card manager > Add mobile plan

2. Tap Add using QR code

3. Under the QR code scan screen 'Enter activation code' Click a button.

4. Check the LPA value received by email.

   ex) LPA:1$ rsp-0001.linksfield.net $ QDDPY-TCC0J-XKJJT-L0IVK

5. Please enter everything.

    Activation Code - LPA:1$ rsp-0001.linksfield.net $ QDDPY-TCC0J-XKJJT-L0IVK

6. Next, in ‘How to install eSIM’, [3.How do I install eSIM on my phone? Proceed from ⑥].



[iPhone] QR code cannot be scanned. Is there another way to install eSIM?

1. Upload and install the captured image. (Only available on iOS version 17.0 or higher)
  ① Go to Settings > Cellular > Add eSIM
  ② Under the QR code scan screen 'Open Photos' Click a button.
  ③ Upload the captured QR code image.
  ④ Next, in ‘How to install eSIM’, [3.How do I install eSIM on my phone? Proceed from ③]. 


2. Installation with LPA code
  ① Go to Settings > Cellular > Add eSIM
  ② Under the QR code scan screen 'Enter Details Manually' Click a button.
  ③ Check the LPA value received by email.
      ex) LPA:1$rsp-0001.linksfield.net$QDDPY-TCC0J-XKJJT-L0IVK
  ④ Please enter the activation code consisting of English and numbers after the $← characters.
      SM-DP+Address: rsp-0001.linksfield.net
      Activation Code: QDDPY-TCC0J-XKJJT-L0IVK
  ⑤ Next, in ‘How to install eSIM’, [3.How do I install eSIM on my phone? Proceed from ③]. 


Can I share my Mobile Data through Hotspot?

Yes, the data connection is shareable! So that using hotspots you can use data and laptops on other smartphones.
If you want using Hotspot?
>>Go to Settings >> Mobile Hotspot & Tethering
Turn ON your Mobile Hotspot.

How can I check my current data usage?

You can check the amount of data roaming used by each device in the cell phone settings menu.
For iPhone, you can check data usage in Settings > Cellular menu.
For Galaxy, you can check data usage in Settings > Connections > Data Usage menu.

Can I delete this eSIM?

If eSIM is activated through QR Code scan Use will begin. It is impossible to reinstall as soon as it is activated, If you delete it after installation, it cannot be used, so be careful.

Is it possible to use phone call and text messages?

Most of the products we sell now are data-only products.
Telephone and text messages are not supported.
However, you can use calls and texts with Orange products among europe products and T-Mobile products among USA products.

How many eSIMs can I use at one time?

Depending on the device you are using, the number of eSIMs available at a time may vary.
The iPhone can activate up to 20 lines, while Samsung can only use one eSIM at a time.

eSIM QR code does not work. What should I do?

If you are faced with such a situation, please check the items below.
1. Is the mobile phone compatible with eSIM?
The eSIM can only be installed on a compatible model.
Please check the question "Which device supports e-sim?"

2. Did you scan the QR code in the setting menu on your phone?
Do not go to the settings menu and follow the correct process
Your mobile phone can scan and install eSIM properly.
If you are curious about how to install eSIM by device, please click here.

3. Was it connected to WIFI?
QR cannot be scanned if wfi is not connected.Please find a place where wifi can be connected stably and install eSIM.

4. Have you tried manually setting it up?
All eSIMs are given a number that can be activated when the QR code fails. Please try manual setup by referring to the manual installation method sent by e-mail.

5. Have you already scanned the QR code?
If you have already scanned the QR code, go to the SIM Card Manager/Cellular Settings page and check to see if the SIM is set up on your phone. If the SIM is not installed, or if the QR code is still not working, please contact Maltalk's customer support team and we'll get it done quickly.

What are the requirements for installing eSIM?

Must correspond to models that support eSIM.
Therefore, you need to make sure that your device supports eSIM.
Please check the question "Which device supports e-sim?" 

Can I still use my existing SIM card after installing eSIM?

You can activate and use eSIM even while maintaining the existing SIM card.

When does eSIM validity period begin?

The validity period of an eSIM is typically calculated from the date eSIM was activated or installed.
Therefore, if you want to use eSIM, it is recommended that you check the expiration date and data capacity in advance and purchase it.
Maaltalk recommends installing and activating this sim when you arrive at your destination,
If the validity expires during the trip,
You must extend the expiration date or purchase a new eSIM.

My eSIM is not working, what should I do?

The time it takes for eSIM to be activated may vary depending on the mobile carrier's policy, so it may take several hours to activate even after completing the QR scan. Therefore, if the QR code does not work, we recommend that you do not delete it and wait for about an hour. If it doesn't work even after waiting, or if it doesn't work after trying all of the methods below, please contact Maltalk support team.

1.Turn on data roaming and GPS and turn airplane mode off and on. 
Data roaming is a feature that allows your device to connect to cellular networks outside your country or region. Additionally, GPS determines your current location. So, if you are traveling and cannot connect to a network, turn on data roaming and GPS will enable eSIM and enable you to use it properly.

After scanning the eSIM QR Code, go to your phone settings and turn on data roaming and GPS. In that state, turn airplane mode on and off. ESIM will be set automatically after 1-2 minutes.

2. Please check if it's a eSIM that needs to be opened
In the case of deliberation that requires the opening of esim, you must enter the opening date or contact us to request an opening data. Please check whether the eSIM requires an opening date on the eSIM details page you purchased.

3.Reset Network Settings 
Resetting the network settings can be a solution to the network issues on your Phone. Resetting it will make the device forget every Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connection, and VPN setting it has ever used.

If esim does not work, please reset the network.

  • iPhone: Settings → General → Transfer or Reset iPhone → Reset → Reset Network Setting – Enter the password (password set on your phone) then Reset Network Settings
  • Samsung: Press Settings→ General→ Reset→ Reset Network Settings.

4.Switch off your VPN 
If your device is  iPhone, connecting to a VPN can improve your online security and privacy. Using a VPN may prevent your iPhone from connecting to or accessing cellular networks.
so You might be able to fix this problem by turning off your VPN and trying to set up your eSIM once more.
If VPN is turned on, go to Settings →General → VPN device management → Turn off VPN

5.Manually select a carrier
Manually select your mobile carrier if the automatically selected carrier does not work in some countries,
 select carrier manually, try changing it and check if the Internet is available after 1-2 minutes. 

  • iPhone: Settings → Cellular → Select Network → Manual Change
  • Samsung: Settings→ T-Roaming/International Roaming → Mobile Carrier → Manual Change 

6.Turn off Low Data Mode
Low Data Mode may conflict with some carriers and complicate your eSIM functionality. As a solution, I suggest you disable Low Data Mode on your deviece when encountering eSIM-related issues.

  • iPhone:  go to Settings → Select Mobile/Cellular Data → Choose Mobile Data Option → Tap Data Mode → Select anything else Low Data Mode.
  • Samsung: go to Settings →Select  conneting → Choose  mobile network → Data Mode → Select anything else Low Data Mode.

7.Turn off Restrict IP Address Tracking

If your device is  iPhone, Limiting IP Address Tracking is a new feature that, in some circumstances, is enabled by default and stops your device from connecting to a cellular network.
There are chances that the eSIM provider you currently use does not support this feature. To turn off the same on your device, follow the instructions below.

Head to Settings → Choose Mobile/Cellular Data → Pick Mobile Data Options.
Toggle off Limit IP Address Tracking.

eSIM installed or QR code but not working

If eSIM is not activated or an error occurs when scanning, another  eSIM may already be installed, 
so please check whether another eSIM has been active in cellular of the smartphone settings.

Unless there is a problem such as the one described above, This is typically the case because data roaming is prohibited. 

1. Permit data roaming for esim, a newly installed device. 
2. In the event that data roaming remains inoperable, kindly restart the smartphone
3. After rebooting and verifying that data roaming is enabled, if the issue persists, 
   please contact the Maltalk support team via chatbot or email with the purchaser's email address; 

we will proceed with the transaction once we receive confirmation.


How to change mobile carrier manually

Manually select a carrier
Manually select your mobile carrier if the automatically selected carrier does not work in some countries,
select carrier manually, try changing it and check if the Internet is available after 1-2 minutes. 

  • iPhone: Settings → Cellular → Select Network → Manual Change
  • Samsung: Settings→ International Roaming → Mobile Carrier → Manual Change